Relations publiques
& Influence

Press relations or interpersonal relations encompass all the strategies implemented by an organisation to engage in a lasting conversation with the media (printed press, radio, television, influencers, social networks, podcast, video, etc.). From the audit of your reputation…

Our approach is based on three pillars

Understanding of the issues

Each communication project must serve an objective, clearly defined by the company. It may be to defend positioning (CSR policy, cybersecurity, IoT, etc.) or a software solution (ITSM, RMM, EDR, etc.) because you want to conquer new market shares...

Our approach consists of putting yourself in the analyst's shoes, to know your competitors, your business model, the challenges of your market; and in those of the communicator, to use the media as a lever. This essential step is the assurance of communication rooted in reality, and measurable.

Communication strategy

Each communication campaign is based on a tailor-made plan, validated by the marketing objectives, and in line with the temporality of the media. As the communicator’s handbook, it allows you to talk to the press without interruption and at the right time.

It can take into account editorial schedules, major professional meetings, product releases, financial communications, etc. Without ever being fixed, this plan can be enriched over the months, always with the objective of enhancing the company's activity.

Communication audacity

Each communication must defend the messages or interests of the organisation. It is up to us to be creative and help you different from your competitors.

Thanks to bold communication, you will capture the attention of journalists and build your image capital.

Whether it is an ETI or an international organisation, we bring the same desire and creativity to defend the interests of our clients