Brand content
& Storytelling

We have a perfect command of editorial content, able to translate the vision, performance, uniqueness and value of the groups we serve. Our consultants know the codes of the blog article, the opinion article, the expert opinion, the customer case, the LinkedIn post or even the speech…

Our approach is based on three pillars

Go beyond it and create something new

Depending on the subject, our approach is always to ask ourselves about your communication objectives, to determine the most appropriate format and to assess whether the material can attract media attention.

After this first step, it will always be a question of conducting research on the arguments that can enrich your content, to go beyond it and create something new. It is only in the singularity or the originality of the text that you will be able to hold the attention of the journalist and the reader.

Make it known

But, a text would be nothing without the medium intended to make it known to as many people as possible.

This is why from the writing phase, the content is orientated to meet the codes of a type of press (number of signs, tone, vocabulary) and a type of readership.

Advisory role

We undertake not to publish any content without the explicit agreement of the company.

In our advisory role, we will also guide you if your position on a government announcement or social phenomenon could be detrimental to the company and investor relations.