Media Training

Communicating, replying in an interview, speaking at a meeting, addressing journalists at a press conference or seminar, speaking in front of a camera, knowing how to use a microphone, avoiding the pitfalls of an interview, adopting the right posture in a crisis cannot be improvised. This is why…

Our approach is based on three pillars

Gaining confidence

This is to ensure that your words and body language perfectly convey the values of the company.

In other words, we must be certain that your words and actions do not harm the reputation of the company or aggravate a so-called crisis situation.

Our media training workshops can be held in Paris or outside the capital, half-day or full-day, for groups of 5 people maximum. Our trainers, all journalists or photo-journalists, give you the keys to gaining confidence, building your speech, raising your voice and mastering your gestures.

Choice of words

During these workshops, your spokespersons discover what could be detrimental to their speech through the way they express themselves; it could be intonation, choice of words, tonality, facial expression, etc.

They learn to identify these linguistic and physical obstacles, to overcome them and to reassure their interlocutor. Depending on whether you are addressing a journalist from the financial or technological press, the expected speech will of course not be the same.

You learn how to get to know the journalists (their expectations, work habits, constraints, etc.).

In front of the camera

These theoretical phases are followed by practical exercises, in front of the camera, microphone in hand or confronted with an audience of journalists wanting to destabilise you.

At the end of the morning, with regular reports, everyone can measure their progress and reinvest what they have learned.